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Ann presents across the U.S. and internationally. To contact Ann about a speaking request or for more information: Some of her more popular topics for keynotes, presentations and workshops include:

Realizing the College Dream with Autism or Asperger Syndrome

This presentation is based on Annís first book and includes humorous and touching stories of her experiences parenting her son with autism who graduated from a large state university. It covers strategies for preparing the student for college and the transition experience for families. She will discuss the challenges many students face in college and strategies that can help and support the student. This presentation would be appropriate for parents and family members, individuals with ASD, and professionals working with this population. It is autism-specific but much of the presentation also applies to transition and college issues for any student with a disability and their family. This presentation can also be adapted for audiences of college disability services personnel and professors.

Supporting Those Who Love Someone with Autism

This presentation is for parents of individuals with ASD and their extended family members and friends and for those professionals who work with this population. Ann discusses what living with ASD is like for parents and what supports a family may need. She will also discuss the confusion, sadness and frustrations that family members and friends may be feeling and the difficulties they face in knowing what to say or how to help. She will provide ideas of ways that parents, family members and friends can support each other and the child with ASD.

Autism: Beyond the Diagnosis

For this inspiring keynote presentation, Ann discusses the impact of parenting a child with autism from the time of diagnosis through adulthood. From her own experience as a parent and her many years of working with families, she will share what family members go through following the diagnosis and some of the surprising consolations that come from this experience. She will also discuss her personal experience of parenting a son with autism who attended college and some of the strategies used to prepare for this transition and supports he needed to be successful in college.

Making the Parent/Professional Relationship Work

Based on her personal experiences and years of working with families, Ann presents on the stressors that parents of children with disabilities and professionals who work with them bring to a relationship and the importance of understanding the perspective of each party. She will describe the best qualities of parents and professionals and how to prevent problems from occurring. The presentation also includes strategies for developing and maintaining a good working relationship between professionals and parents.

Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum; Unexpected Lessons We Have Learned

Co- Presenter: Maureen Morrell

Presenting with her co-author, Maureen Morrell, the presenters describe the perspectives of two parents of young men on the autism spectrum

Transitioning to a Successful Life

Letting go of our children as they transition to adulthood is a difficult process, especially if they have a developmental disability such as autism. This presentation will discuss what families go through preparing for this important transition and some strategies to make this transition as successful as possible. Ann emphasizes the importance of self-advocacy skills for the adult to be able to ask for help and make choices in life. She also discusses the importance of teaching functional skills that all adults will need to be as independent as possible in their community.

Creating Support for Families with Autism: Developing Individual and Group Support Programs

This is a presentation on the importance of support for families of individuals with autism. It includes how to develop a mentor program for parents and how to build support groups in the community.

Families of Children with Autism: What Educational Professionals Should Know

Co- Presenter: Lee Marcus, Ph. D.

This presentation is intended for professionals who work with families of individuals with autism and for parents and family members. The presenters, one a professional and one a parent and a professional, have been involved in the field of autism for several decades and share the common perspective of the value and necessity of collaboration and partnership. The presenters will discuss the developmental framework for understanding families and what families go through following a diagnosis. They will also discuss the barriers to building a collaborative relationship with families and how professionals can and should help to overcome these barriers. The presenters will also share some of the principles of parent-professional collaboration and general tips for professionals to know when working with families of children with autism.

Matching Practice and Family Needs in Autism Intervention (day long workshop)

Co-Presenter: John Thomas

John will discuss the best practice in intervention in children with autism with a focus on joint attention, play, and social imitation. He will cover initial social communication assessment and illustrate multiple strategies of intervention. Ann presents on working with families of children with autism covering how to make the parent/professional relationship work and the personal experience of parenting a son with autism from diagnosis to adulthood.

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